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Guadeloupean Cuisine


 Guadeloupean Cuisine Ingridients: Pork Roast Original Recipe pork loin onion water lime garlic olive oil Red chilli Dried thyme salt pepper Beef Boullion (Knorrs) sugar cornstarch (Pazola) Celery Spicy Nutmeg Chicken Original Recipe Chicken thighs salt soy sauce (Yamasa) Garlic cloves, crushed Onions, grated Pepper Ground ginger Sugar Water Nutmeg Celery Description: Pork Roast hmm.. […]


New Caledonian Cuisine


 New Caledonian Cuisines Ingridients: Original Recipe Brunch Caserole Bread: Bread flour Water Yeast Sugar Salt Vegetable Oil Casserole: Coconut Milk (Aray-D) Milk Red and Green Bell Pepper Gouda Cheese (Natuna) Chicken Pastrami egg Pepper Mustard (Coleman’s) Onion Worcestershire Sauce (Lea Parrins) Original Tabasco (McIlhenny) Smoked Salmon with Mango and Avocado Salsa Smoked Salmon (Blessing’s) Salsa: […]


Vietnamese Cuisine


 Vietnamese Cuisines Ingridients: Cơm Rang Thịt Bò Original Recipe Rice: One day old rice butter Onion Salt Pepper Beef: Grounded beef Vietnamese ketchup* Minced mint leaves red wine vinegar Palm sugar *Ketchup: Vegetable oil shallots Habanero Fish sauce (King Lobster) light soy sauce (Kwong Cheong Thye) dark soy sauce (Wei Chuan) Shrimp paste (ABC) salt […]


Dutch Cuisines


   Dutch Cuisines Ingridients: Kaasprak Original Recipe Potato Beef Boullion (Knnor’s) Milk Scallion Cellery Gouda Cheese (Natuna) Onions Butter Pepper Slavinken Original Recipe Grounded beef Grounded Pork Beef Boullion (Knorr’s) Milk Bread Crumbs flour (Beksul) Egg yolk nutmeg powder Mustard (Coleman’s) Kecap Manis (Bango) Bacon (Aroma) Butter Onion Scallion Celery Description: Kaasprak Making this is […]


Estonian Cuisines


   Estonian Cuisines Ingridients: Kartulipõrsad Onion Garlic Water Potatoes Bacon (Big Daddy’s) Mozzarella Salt Pepper cassava flour Stewed Flounder with bread puff Original Recipe Stew: Flounder Grounded beef Mozzarella Onion White pepper Water Bread: Bread Flour Margarine All Purpose Flour Water Sugar Salt Description: Kartulipõrsad It should be simple, although we dont use what most […]


Burmese Cuisines


   Burmese Cuisines Ingridients: Ohn No Kyawswe Original Recipe Onion Ginger Powder Garlic Water Rice Noodles (WaiWai) lukewarm water boneless, skinless chicken thighs Salt Black pepper Chicken Boullion powder (knorr) Maizena flours (pazola) Vegetable oil Ground turmeric cayenne pepper Paprica Powder coconut milk For Garnish: lemon Green Onions Cilantro (Desaku) Fish sauce (King Lobster) Garam […]

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