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Canadian Cuisine


 Canadian Cuisine Ingridients: General Tso’s Chicken Original Recipe Breast Chicken Fillet Soy sauce (Kwong Cheong Thye) Eggs Black pepper (Mr. Boembo) Cornstarch (Pazola) Sauce: Dark soy sauce (Wei-chun) Lemon rice vinegar (BekSul) Chinese rice wine (Wan Ja Shan – Mirin) sugar chicken broth (Master Food) ginger (Kupu Kupu) Garlic Other: green onions dried red chilli […]


The Night Before B-day in King of the Ducks!


 Oh ye.. Porink is having a bday and Smokie asked where does porink want to go?? Oh ye.. I’m clueless.. but suddenly Duck King popped up on my head since it’s been so long before since the last we go there.. ich.. Duck king is supposed to be one of the nice modern chinese food […]


Indonesian (Central Kalimantan) Cuisine


 Indonesian (Central Kalimantan) Cuisine Ingridients: Ayam Masak Habang Original Recipe Chicken Tamarind Salt Vegetable Oil kecap manis (Kecap Masak Sate) Tomat- Sugar Red Chilies Shallots Garlic Ginger Kencur White rice Celery Zuchini Sambal Goreng Papai Original Recipe Prawn Orange leaves Lemon Grass Coconut Milk Salt Vegetable Oil Shallots Garlic Red Chili Ginger Tempe Garlic White […]


Guadeloupean Cuisine


 Guadeloupean Cuisine Ingridients: Pork Roast Original Recipe pork loin onion water lime garlic olive oil Red chilli Dried thyme salt pepper Beef Boullion (Knorrs) sugar cornstarch (Pazola) Celery Spicy Nutmeg Chicken Original Recipe Chicken thighs salt soy sauce (Yamasa) Garlic cloves, crushed Onions, grated Pepper Ground ginger Sugar Water Nutmeg Celery Description: Pork Roast hmm.. […]


Congolese Cuisine


 Congolese Cuisine Ingridients: Jollof rice with Tuna+Vegetables Original Recipe Oil for frying (palm or regular vegetable oil) Rice (setra) Tuna Onions salt black pepper cayenne pepper Red Chili Garlic Bay leaf Curry powder Chicken Boullion (Master Chef) Tomatoes Green pepper String Beans Carrots Tomato Paste (Ayam Brand) Chicken Muamba Original Recipe Chicken thighs Tomato paste […]


New Caledonian Cuisine


 New Caledonian Cuisines Ingridients: Original Recipe Brunch Caserole Bread: Bread flour Water Yeast Sugar Salt Vegetable Oil Casserole: Coconut Milk (Aray-D) Milk Red and Green Bell Pepper Gouda Cheese (Natuna) Chicken Pastrami egg Pepper Mustard (Coleman’s) Onion Worcestershire Sauce (Lea Parrins) Original Tabasco (McIlhenny) Smoked Salmon with Mango and Avocado Salsa Smoked Salmon (Blessing’s) Salsa: […]

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